Let Driving Academy, Cruising with Cops take your teen’s driver’s education experience to the next level.

Our behind-the-wheel educators are all active or former Law Enforcement Officers. With a combined half a million miles driven, our instructors have extensive experience in all types of weather, emergency and other situations that can occur while driving. With that we are committed to the education of student drivers in traffic laws which govern traffic and regulate vehicles; rules of the road; and most importantly traffic safety.

Cruising with Cops also provides real life examples of how disobeying traffic laws and a disregard for safety have resulted in traffic tickets, motor vehicle accidents and injuries. As an added bonus our program will provide a fun, informative and a positive experience between young drivers and Law Enforcement.

We guarantee, Cruising with Cops will be one of the best investments you, as a parent, can make for your children by giving them the tools they need to develop safe driving habits for life.

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