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Please Carefully review the Driving Academy (d.b.a Cruising with Cops) refund policy below. We have a commitment to our driving instructors and our teachers. Our refund policy reflects the mutual commitment necessary to ensure that the services outlined in our program are delivered with the highest standards.

Our Commitment

  1. The Driving Academy (d.b.a. Cruising with Cops) is committed to achieving our mission to provide a safe, educational, and fun experience to our students and families.
  2. Providing an environment that is student-centered, professional, safe, fun and responsive to needs.
  3. Treating all of our students with respect and dignity.
  4. Providing a wide range of educational and skill development from local law enforcement to enhance the driving education experience.
  5. Staff that is always available for students and parents.
  6. Staff that is and will stay current in their area of expertise.
  7. Access to up-to-date resources, in a variety of formats, appropriate for all curriculum needs.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal before 2 weeks before class          Refund of tuition fees paid, less $125.00 admin fee

Withdrawal before 1 day prior                           50% of tuition fees paid, less $125.00 admin fee

Withdrawal on or after first day of class          no refund applies, full tuition remains due

Please contact us with any questions.